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Updated: May 7, 2019

Avery’s Bar Mitzvah was one heck of a party and I was so honored to plan it! Avery not only wanted to celebrate herself but make a party that everyone can enjoy no matter what section they walk to. With one of the charities she is passionate about, 4ocean, being on her mind she decided to go with an Under the Sea theme. Avery did not want the traditional sit down setting because she had so many activities for guest to engage in she was determined to keep everyone on their feet and enjoying every moment.

20ft dessert tables, car arcade racing games, air hockey, LED basketball shoot out, limbo, air brush tattoos, custom sugar factory-like mocktails, flip book photo booth, air brush sweat shirts and crazy fun dancing; these are just some of the fun aspects added to create the vision Avery had. I thought it would be so cool, yet so different to use a boat prop, that usually serves as a dessert or gift table, as the DJ table. Arman from Event City LA delivered the most amazing rentals that brought every design point to life. With a pure white dance floor Avery and friends do not usually indulged in crazy sweets and treats too often so on this special occasion it was only right we create a 20ft dessert table. Simply Sweet LA was able to recreate every vision for the desserts and sea creature cookies from Something Sweet by Camille tied the whole look of the table off nicely.

Avery and friends landed on the dance floor and showed everyone their amazing choreographed dance moves and had everyone on their feet smiling and enjoying every song.

Happy birthday again to Avery and her amazing family!

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