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Starting a business is hard, but you don't have to do it alone. Building her business from the ground up, Alexis offers online or in person business training to help you build your brand. Her unique insight into business helps each of her clients gain knowledge about the behind the scenes actions into flawless event production.


One on One Coaching



What to Expect:

Alexis begins her coaching with a 13 reasons why questionnaire that allows you to answer some of the most crucial questions when starting a business. From there, you can decide whether guidance is needed. 

Alexis has helped a number of self-starters gain the knowledge and tools they needed to get off the ground and start their business. Once started Alexis has helped each business gain clients, manage their social media content, and develop marketing plans that best fit their budget.

Business Brunches

Business brunches are a great way to mingle and meet aspiring and seasoned event planners. At our business brunches, individuals will get the opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs at different stages in their business, gain access to knowledge with guest speakers and focus shared stories.


 Brunches are by invite only. Get your personal consultation with the owner, Alexis Harris, and gain access to her business brunches. Gain a hands-on approach to your everyday business issues and have a support system to help you through these issues.

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