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Updated: May 7, 2019

Jason Verrett and Mckayla Rory celebrate their son’s first birthday, a significant milestone for a couple’s first child. Utilizing Pechanga Indian reservation’s 12,000 square foot venue, I was tasked with making this huge space not feel too spacey and maintain theme with every turn of the head.

I am without a doubt a Disney connoisseur so this theme made me smile from ear to ear. We lined the entrance with red velvet stanchions leading the way to a Mickey sculpture welcoming you to Deuce’s Clubhouse. Once inside you entered a wonderland of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Your first treat would be seeing, of course, balloons everywhere. One 6 tables we had each of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’s main characters hold a color coordinated 2ft balloon, on the other tables we filled them with lush garlands and mickey head balloons like you would get from Disneyland that we ended up giving away to every kid at the party. Not only was each kid gifted with a balloon but also were given a character bag filled with brainteaser activities and of course, candy!

The Dessert table was a themed favorite. With a huge mickey ears sculpture towering over the clubhouse themed treats courtesy of Simply Sweet LA and something sweet by Camille. My favorite touch to this table was the Mickey Mouse ferries wheels modeled after the famous Ferris wheel at Disney California Adventures.

Keeping the kiddos busy could be a daunting task but we created a DIY ears station so the kiddos can have something to take away with them and wear to their next trip to Disneyland. We also brought in a professional face painter that gave each kid a custom face paint job and added a huge combo clubhouse jumper for kids to play in.

The true hit of the party came when it was time to sing happy birthday… welcome Mickey! A life size mascot replica of Mickey Mouse (Mr. Mouse) provided by Dazzling Diva’s carried the real Mickey’s mannerisms and had all the kids screaming for joy at the top of their lungs. Mickey also stayed for photo opps. I don’t know about you but the last time I went to Disneyland it was a huge wait to get a picture with Mickey if you could even find him… this was for sure the VIP Mickey experience.

Happy birthday sweetest Deuce!

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